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WIZblade | About


WIZblade is a turn-key Blade Inspection Solution for rapid high precision measuring of both aerospace and industrial jet engine turbine and compressor blades
WIZblade can effectively replace conventional CMMs with mechanical probes
WIZblade offers improved precision and significantly reduced inspection time and cost

Key Benefits

  • WIZblade can perform automatic inspection of forged, cast or machined blades
  • WIZblade software has a variety of parameters calculation, fully comply with various known blade manufacturers (vendors): GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, SNECMA
  • CAD model and tolerance input
  • CAD based program preparation of new blades using high level soft keys
  • No need for high precision part clamping
  • A variety of blade alignment functions and scenarios
  • Data collection from predefined cross sections
  • Blade aerofoil analysis including Leading Edge & Trailing Edge
  • Special qualified features for Elliptical leading edge analysis
  • Compatibility with a large variety of blade manufacturers, designs and standards
  • All WIZinspect GD&T features are included in WIZblade
  • Additional integrated automatic blade specific GD&T functions
  • Flexible structure of graphical and text Reports using customized templates
  • Simple definition of blade cross sections
  • Large variety of blade calculation functions
  • Flexible definitions of best fit calculations
  • Adjustable and user friendly interface
  • Eliminate the expensive mechanical jigs for blade parts

WIZblade System Major Integrated Components:

  • Top precision CMM platform including PH10M motorized indexing head
  • Non-contact optical scanning probes – Laser or White light family of probes
  • 4 axis motion controller
  • WIZblade application software
  • Optional top precision rotary table

WIZblade can be integrated with PLCs, pallets and robots to provide easy, fast, precise and reliable inspection on the production-floor

WIZblade can also be integrated into the plant SPC data base

Nextec supplies a wide variety of CMM platform designs and dimensions to inspect parts of different geometry and size

Potential Applications

  • A large variety of Aerospace Blades geometry measurements
  • A large variety of Industrial Blades geometry measurements
  • Unique quality inspection and on-line process control
  • Measurements in tough production floor environment
  • Blade inspection capability with no CAD model input
  • Reverse engineering and digitizing of blades
  • Measurement of soft materials, such as wax or sand, for turbine blade cores
  • Inspection of new blades during manufacturing stage
  • Inspection of working blades for the repair and after-market

Typical Inspection Time

Free form alignment time: 60 sec
A single cross section inspection time
- Forging blade: 15 sec
- Final blade: 22 sec
A single cross section inspection time using rotary table
- Forging blade: 12 sec
- Final blade: 18 sec