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WIZinspect | About


WIZinspect is a turn-key Inspection Solution for rapid high precision measurement of parts and components

Key Benefits

  • CAD model and tolerance input
  • CAD based program preparation using high level soft keys
  • A variety of part alignment functions and scenarios
  • Data collection from a predefined path
  • Automatic surface tracking capability
  • GD&T analysis
  • Flexible structure of graphical and text reports using default or customized templates
  • Creation of geometric elements from the scanned data and export in CAD format
  • Adjustable and user friendly interface
  • Users authorization control - optional levels of Administrator / Operator mode
  • 3 times faster than standard touch probe CMM systems

WIZinspect System Major Integrated Components:

  • Top precision CMM platform including PH10M motorized indexing head
  • Non-contact optical scanning probes – Laser or White light family of probes
  • 4 axis motion controller
  • WIZinspect application software
  • Optional top precision rotary table

WIZinspect can be integrated with PLCs, conveyors and robots to provide easy, fast, precise and reliable inspection on the production-floor

WIZinspect can also be integrated into the plant SPC data base

Nextec supplies a wide variety of CMM platform designs and dimensions to inspect parts of different geometry and size

Potential Applications

  • Geometry inspection
  • Advanced quality inspection and on-line process control
  • Measurements in tough production floor environment
  • Thin profiles
  • Fully transparent parts

Performance Specifications

Maximum scanning speed: 100 mm/sec.
Total system accuracy: ± 7 µm WIZprobe
Total system accuracy: ± 5 µm WIZpen


  • System accuracy verification is performed according to ISO 10360-8 International Standard for non-contact CMMs
  • Total system accuracy = ± √(MPEe)2+(MPEp)2