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WIZprobe is an advanced non-contact optical laser scanning sensor for high precision scanning and geometry data collection
WIZprobe combines vision and laser technologies with patented optics and image processing
WIZprobe is an integrated component in many Nextec inspection products
WIZprobe measurement accuracy is guaranteed over a wide range of material types, colors, surface finish types and laser beam angles due to advanced real time close loop adaptive control
The WIZprobe is small in size and has a standard CMM PH10M indexing head interface


Key Benefits

  • Quick measurement of high precision parts
  • Real time adaptive control
  • Ability to measure very small geometry features
  • Ability to measure soft or warm material
  • Fast measurements - dramatically reduces inspection time
  • High and adjustable data collection scanning resolution
  • Ultimate life cycle and high reliability
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be used in hostile environment
  • Wide dynamic range
  • PH-10 indexing head compatibility

Performance Specifications

Scanning rate: 40-50 points per second
Stand-off distance :(1) 43 mm
Dynamic range: ±5 mm
Maximum permissible probe error (2) (MPEp):6.5 µm
Maximum permissible beam angle for inspection: 70˚
Probe weight:230 g

(1) Stand-off distance is defined as object-to-probe lens distance
(2) MPEp value is the maximum probe uncertainty value