About Nextec

Nextec Technologies – a private high-tech company, founded in 2001 by a group of experts – specializing in cutting-edge automated production-floor high precision, high speed, laser scanning, measurement and geometry inspection. Most recently, Nextec has developed a machine for wafer inspection intended for the global market.

Nextec’s proprietary technologies and products – combining CCD and laser, innovative optics, electro-optics and image processing along with real time adaptive control – offer automated in-line quality control systems applications.

Nextec products bring significant value to the market by reducing delivery time, lowering production cost, and improving productivity and yield, thus offering a fast return on investment.

The major advantages of Nextec technology are

tailored solutions

Speed & Throughput
6 x faster than conventional CMM’s

equal or better than touch probes

Cost Saving
of precision jigs

Setup Time
short & simple setup

edges and small features, shiny and colored parts

Hawk scanning & digitizing
developed for prototype verification and reverse engineering

Today we are actively advancing in the field of

Aerospace and Defence – Aero-engine compressor and Turbine blade inspection of Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Withney, MTU, SNECMA /Safran, GE and more.
Medical and Dental – Dental and Cardiovascular Implants.
Electronics  – Inspection of small precision electronic components, without being affected by material, glares, or surface conditions.
Consumer product – measuring transparent parts, all geometry, including thickness.
Industrial – Plastic products, Injection molded parts.
Automotive – measuring Automotive parts.

For over a decade, Nextec's main focus is
to supply fast, accurate and reliable
inspection systems for the automotive
and aerospace industries