Automatic Inspection Systems

Nextec designs and supplies customized automatic inspection systems according to customer requirements. Our automatic inspection systems can be integrated inline in many automatic production lines or as a standalone automatic inspection cell.
Over the years, Nextec has gained extensive experience in providing automated inspection solutions to the Automotive, Aerospace, Cellular and Plastic industries worldwide.
Nextec automatic inspection systems improve production line capacity, reduce cycle time, increase stability and ensure better inputs to improve production process.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Inline automatic inspection without human interference
  • Customized inspection solutions per customer requirements
  • Collecting inspection data and pairing it to each part ID number
  • Automatic part alignment done by software
  • Maximum flexibility in measurement program changes – part geometry, alignment and measurement features
  • Customized data analysis
  • Simple interface to other production floor equipment and peripheral accessories – robot handling, traversing, marking, stamping, reading etc.