Blade Edges Grinding System

The ELE system is replacing current manual grinding process while significantly improving the accuracy and repeatability of the grinding process. Designed to carry out automatic grinding of Jet Engine compressor blade edge profiles. Operates around the clock with system uptime of up to 95%, the ELE system includes on-board WIZblade inspection system, profile grinding, automatic loading & unloading system.

Based on pre & post grinding inspection and analysis, the ELE system adapts the grinding process to each individual blade according to its actual edge geometry. The ELE system was tested, qualified, and approved by Rolls-Royce Headquarters for high precision edge profile grinding.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Inline automatic inspection without human interference
  • Customized inspection solutions per customer requirements
  • Collecting inspection data and pairing it to each part ID number
  • Automatic part alignment done by software
  • Maximum flexibility in measurement program changes – part geometry, alignment and measurement features
  • Customized data analysis