Surface Finish - Profilometer

Nextec Surface Finish Profilometer uses standard our Nextec WIZinspect CMM platform with special top precision non-contact WIZpen 11-04 sensor.

Nextec Surface Finish Profilometer delivers fast, reliable and contactless surface roughness measurement. It can also provide surface finish inspection for special applications such as soft or flexible materials, and a large spectrum of surface finish types from very reflective to very rough surfaces, or totally black materials and special coatings.

Nextec Surface Finish Profilometer provides quick and reliable results for any surface quality for both periodic and non-periodic surface profiles starting from N4 (0.2 µm Ra) for any kind of manufacturing process inspection: machining, forging, casting, milling, turning, grinding, etc.

Nextec Surface Finish Profilometer can operate on flat, curved or tilted surface in any 3D orientation of the surface. Nextec Surface Finish Software has a flexible and extensive functionality for surface quality control with various filter types, cut-offs and algorithms to calculate a wide list of surface finish parameters. Nextec Surface Finish software enables customers to access graphical representation of scanned profile or area, including waviness, graphical and numerical profile deviation with waviness profile overlaid on the primary profile (if required).

Nextec WIZinspect System can also come with an integrated interchangeable WIZpen and WIZprobe sensors on the same WIZinspect platform and can use them one-by-one sequentially within a single measurement program: WIZprobe for geometry measurement and WIZpen for surface finish measurement on the same part.

Performance Specifications

Surface profiles starting from: N4 (0.2 µm Ra)
List of calculated parameters:
Averaging: Ra
Peak-to-valley: Rp, Rt, Rz, Pt, Wc etc.
Slope and spacing: Rsm, Pdsm

Key Benefits

  • 3D freeform or plane surfaces inspection
  • Line, curve or area in any PH10 orientation
  • Full Integration to the WIZinspect software
  • ASME, ISO 13565, and DIN surface roughness parameters
  • High-speed scanning: up to 2000 points per second and up to 1mm/sec
  • Fast analysis: Measured points data is real-time analyzed for surface finish roughness and waviness
  • Easy visual inspection and data export control for surface qualities
  • Very short Cycle Time (6 sec. for Ra = 0.2 µm)
  • Variety of profile displays
  • Multi-probe system option
  • Switch modes in a single WIZinspect measurement program