Integrated in our WIZinspect system, WIZglass system uses the full functionality of Nextec’s WIZinspect measurement software for alignment, data analysis and flexible results reporting system.

WIZglass system excels in scanning and measuring glass and other transparent materials from 0.1 mm thickness and up. Glass flexibility is not a problem due to the non-contact measurement method.
Nextec WIZglass can perform in different modes :
– Scanning outer surfaces
– Scanning inner surfaces
– Thickness mode, scanning both sides of thin transparent material simultaneously

Key Benefits

  • WIZglass system accuracy for glass and other transparent materials is equal to our standard WIZinspect system accuracy with the WIZpen sensor
  • WIZglass system suits both laboratory and manufacturing environments
  • WIZglass system’s single sensor is used for both topology measurement of transparent part geometric features, coordinate-system establishment (alignment) and thickness measurement
  • PH10 rotary head enables customers to set sensor orientation perpendicular to the measured surface
  • Both graphical and text reports can be easily customized to the application