Technical service

Nextec guarantees maximum quality of your systems, promoting the efficiency and quality of your products, and offers you our services to achieve your goals.

We perform repair and maintenance services within a minimum period of time. Choosing Nextec means you get excellent support. We are your partners, not just at the time of the sale, but throughout the entire life cycle of all Nextec products.

System calibration

In order to make accurate and repeatable measurements, measuring equipment used must be properly maintained and calibrated. Calibration is a requirement for anyone hoping to produce accurate data from a measurement device. Annual calibration of your test benches enables you to inform your internal/external customers that all test results are accurate and that meaningful decisions can be made based upon the data.
We perform CMM calibration after installation or system relocation to guarantee high accuracy of measurement. Annual calibration by System Performance Verification is performed according to ISO 10360-8 International Standard for non-contact CMMs.

Repairs and maintenance

In the event that our equipmet needs repair, specially trained NEXTEC service engineers are available for you around the world – even if repairs are to machines that you have been using for more than 30 years. Simply contact us and our service employees will help you.

Software service

Nextec is constantly developing new features and upgrading its products. You can order custom features any time and request changes in the application. We pride ourselves on our global experience of helping our customers leverage maximum value from their machinery by using our equipment.

  • On-site training
  • Customized training
  • Development of custom software solutions to address unique needs