Customer: Techjet
Areas of expertise: FCompressor Blades. Forged and Machined
Cooperation date: August, 2005
Status: Airfoil and root inspection
Number of Nextec system: Dozens

Project Description

Our company was able to easily integrate into the production process of BTL and covered most of all measurement needs of this company. We continue to cooperate further and support all the needs of the company, including the technical and application part. we continue to monitor the measurement accuracy of our machines at the customer’s site, including the annual ISO calibration.

What we did

Nextec system in BTL use the datums of the blade itself to build the alignment of the coordinate system, which means that when measuring the blade not needed use special holders ,just several universal holders are used depending on the size and shape of the root of this blade.With the help of our CMM, BTL engineers are able to measure almost all the dimensions in the drawing.Thet mean after integration of our system, posible reduce expenses of holder of each blade and maintenance of other measuring machines.

Our goals

Our ultimate goals are to reach full measurement in the company by our machines including blades after chip processing and also root.