Customer: Volkswagen De Mexico
Areas of expertise: Cylinder head inspection
Cooperation date: August, 2009
Status: Fully automated lines
Number of Nextec system: Several automated lines

Project Description

  • Inline laser inspection on the production floor
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Automatic part alignment done by software, no need for precision part position
  • Maximum flexibility in measurement program changes – Cylinder head geometry, alignment and measurement points location
  • Customized data analysis
  • Full range of feature recognition
  • Customized graphical and text report
  • User-friendly CAD-based measurement program preparations
  • Standard Measurement equipment with full compliance to ISO 10360-8 standard
  • Fully advanced automation, high quality equipment, standard PLC control, efficient conveyors and communication network
  • Simple interface to other production floor equipment and peripheral accessories – engraving, marking, stamping, data reading etc
  • WIZinspect will perform the automatic alignment, the collection of the required measured data, analysis and the reporting

What we did

Fully automated production line inspection at VW de Mexico plant in Puebla Mexico for VW Cylinder heads. Nextec Inline system with full automation is composed of our Standard WIZinspect 1275 laser measuring machine with the conveyor system and cell automation system.

Our goals

Based on 22 hours system up-time the total capacity will be up to 1300 cylinders.