iFOX – wafer inspection system

Microelectronics processes are becoming denser, with more layers, and more complicated.
Mass production of WAFERS requires high-speed scanning systems capable of detecting defects on high-density printed layers.
Nextec’s advanced iFOX Wafer Inspection machine has been designed to fulfill the evolving market demands through the following capabilities:

  • Scanning using advanced technology & precise mechanics for ultra-fast scanning with minimum aberration
  • Advanced defect inspection technology using a Large-field 2D microscope with a superior illumination system & focus-on-the-fly technology
  • Advanced 3D Bump inspection using patented 3D structure light microscope

Unlike our competitors, we provide a software package that is used to create measurement plans so that customers can build any measurement plan necessary.


iFox D
Defect inspection

iFox DM
For Defect inspection and Metrology

iFox DB
Defect and 3D Bump inspection

iFox DBM
For Defect, 3D Bump and Metrology

Defect inspection3D Bump InspectionMetrology
iFox DV

2D Defects, 3D Dumps and Metrology

Defect detection
(down to 0.5 microns)
 2D defects
 Down to 0.5

3D BUMP measurement
3D bumps
 300 to 5 microns height

300 to 5 microns height
 NEW Metrology
Sub Pixel resolution

2D capabilities

  • Defect finding down to 0.5 microns.
  • Masks allow customers to choose different inspection parameters for different areas on the die.
  • Advanced inspection algorithm to support large process variation.
  • Fast algorithm implementation running on several GPUs boards and multiprocessing.

3D bump inspection capabilities

  • Bump Height – using structure light technology for improved productivity and measurements accuracy.
  • Inspection of millions of bumps at very high speed.
  • Provides co-planarity data for each die and for all wafers.

Metrology capabilities

The metrology package provides a reach measurement tool library that creates a complicate metrology recipe in a seconds:

This results in a comprehensive inspection solution ofering the folowing:

We provide a software package that
can be used by clients to create an
measurement plans they require