Hawk - CMM Metrology

Nextec’s Hawk software is user-friendly and flexible for advanced usage, and any special function or calculation required can be easily added by the user to be used in the future in other inspection programs

Hawk embedded Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) functionality provides the full range of dimensional analysis in automatically generated inspection report.

Hawk special modules include: WIZblade, WIZglass, Surface Finish inspection.

CAD Capability

  • 3D CAD Import – IGES, STEP,UA
  • Solid Model part and fixture representation
  • Bi-directional transfer of data
  • IGES ,STL and TXT export of measured data
  • Solid or wire model representation
  • World coordinate translation


  • Annotation of displayed graphics
  • Traditional Numerical ASCII reports
  • Inspection reports saved in Excel, PDF,TXT ,SPC (asci file) or built-in RPT formats
  • WIZblade enables automatically saved scanned data to RPTD format, which can be processed in any open source program to perform further calculations.
  • Integrated SPC